Jugend für Dora e.V.




September/Oktober 2003

Study tour to the South of France to places of nationalsocialist crime and of the french resistance; organised in cooperation with the french association; as well as visit of the memorial for the former internation camp Le Milles close to Aix-en-Provence

May 2002

Seminary "Being a stranger in Ellrich" in cooperation with the association "Schrankenlos e.V." and supported by the regional Centre for political education in Thuringa

11th April 2002

At the occassion of the 57th anniversary of the liberation of the camp symbolic installation at the former subcamp Harzungen and public reading of extracts from survivors experiences in different languages

March 2002

Study tour to Auschwitz and Krakau accompagnied of encounters with young polish people both in the International Meeting Centre and over the days

May 2001

Antirassism day in Herzberg, organised of the country council Osterode/ Harz

11th April 2001

Public performance of a reading with reports from survivours of the subcamp Ellrich in five langugage (dutch, german, french, polish, russian) at the occassion of the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp

January 2001

Invitation from the German Parliament for the International youth meeting at the occasion of the 27th January in Berlin

September 2000

Youth for Dora get the 1st price for social commitment in the GEK competition in the Harz mountains region

June 2000

The second big JFD borchure get published, which is documenting three years of association activities in german, english and french language

August 1999

Study tour to Heidelberg to visit the Centre of Documentation and Culture of Sinti und Roma; followed by a visit of the memorial for the KZ Natzweiler sub-camp Neckarelz and the memorial Osthofen

August 1999

The 4th international Workcamp guides us to places of former forced labour in Northern France and to commemoration memorials in Paris

June 1999

Installation of the first information panel about the hiostory of the subcamp Ellrich in the entrance area of the former camp site

September 1998

Studay tour to the Historic-Technical Information Centre in Peenemünde/ Usedeom and public performance of a reading about Wernher von Braun

February 1998

First study tour to Amsterdam to visit the Anne-Frank-Foundation

27th January 1998

Contribution about the planned Youth for Dora actitivites at the site of the former subcamp Ellrich and the history of the place in the TV News "heute Journal" of the Second Public German Programm "ZDF"

May 1997

Youth for Dora registration as a "registered society" at the Local Court of Nordhausen with the number 541

1996/ 1997

Elaboration of a brochure, which represents the association and its work

October 1996

Frist week-end meeting of Youth for Dora in Nordhausen/ Salza

11th April 1995

Foundation of the organisation at the occassion of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the KZ Mittelbau-Dora

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