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August 2006

10. international Workcamp

Exhibition about visitors of the memorial Mittelbau-Dora

The participants of the workcamp produced photos, sculptures and paintings, which deal with questions like: Why visitors come and where they are from? What do they think and feel during their visit? After finishing all results were presented in a little exhibition in the memorial. In 2006 the participants were from Albania, Colombia, Italy and Germany.

August 2005

9. international Workcamp in the memorial Mittelbau-Dora

Theatre project (with Marco Pejerolo, un Italian theatre regisseur) about human behaviour and comportment in dealing with the history of the concentration camps. How we are behaving from the state of "innocence" until we get to know from the "horror" of the concentration camps? What kind of expressions and results we can show?

August 2004

The Workcamp turned out, because of lacking financial support.

August 2003

8. international Workcamp in Nordhausen

A signing project to memorialize at the KZ sub-camp Boelke-Kaserne and the cemetery of honour. A pink line was painted on the pavement guiding from three different places in the centre of the town to the cemetery. The line was illustrated with names and words of KZ prisoners and liberators. Thus we confronted and informed people in same time about the close relation between the Memorial and civil life in Nordhausen at the time.

August 2002

7. international Workcamp in the memorial Mittelbau-Dora

Following the railway line Nordhausen – Ellrich we did five installations, at or close to sites of former KZ camps or construction sites. By this way we wanted to show the spatial density of sites of suffering and death, but also the close neighbourhood of "civil" and "KZ".

August 2001

6. International Workcamp in the memorial Mittelbau-Dora

Following the project from the previous year, inventory of found objects from the area of the 56 accommodation barracks of the prisoners camp: registration, cleaning and exposition of the found objects

August 2000

5. international Workcamp in the memorial Mittelbau-Dora

Cleaning up of the 56 accommodation barracks and construction of a small wall of 15/ 20 brick stones, each painted with its original block number. In same time we made a brochure with a map of the camp providing information about personal biographies for many barracks.

August 1999

The 4. international Workcamp in France

This workcamp guided us to places of forced labour in Northern France, the Museums of La Coupole/ St. Omer, Eperlec and Mimoyeceque, the Alliies landing beaches in the Normandy and finally to Paris. We met KZ survivors and representatives from the French Association and European Committee as well as old resistant.

August 1998

3. international Workcamp of the Youth for Dora association in Ellrich-Juliushütte

The first time of our YfD activities a sub-camp got focused for a workcamp project, with excavation and maintenance work as well as interviews with survivors. Participants from Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Poland and Germany

August 1997

2. International Workcamp in the memorial Mittelbau-Dora

Cleaning along the borderline of the former inmate's camp and essay to make a visitors path following the former electric fence of the camp. Thus the extent of the area should be made more visible and accessible. with participants from Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine and Germany

July 1996

1. International Workcamp in the memorial Mittelbau-Dora

Excavation works at the fondamentation of the former camp prison, called bunker. with participants from Germany, Belgium and France

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