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Brilliant Ideas and their implementation

About long lasting and idealistic projects

What starts with wide-ranging discussions retains only a small selection of feasible ideas in our "basket of projects" by the end of the night. Some of them we have tried to realise, some we are still working on and others we hoping to achieve at some point. For that, we are always open to choosing brilliant methodologies and extraordinary subjects.

In this context we might mention performances of public readings in Nordhausen, Ellrich, Harzungen, Osterode, in Dora and Peenemünde. We could talk about the public movie and lecture/ talks series in the association's house of Nordhausen on the first evening of our regular youth for Dora week-end meetings.

Maintenance work and association meetings are also such strange, wonderful happenings, which are often quite banal, but without which nothing would be possible. Maybe this is the moment to talk briefly about some funny problems that crop up. Who wants to organise mobile toilets for the Workcamp? Who might be able to convince a car rental company to lend us a minibus for free? Who wants to write the invitation letters/ e-mails for the next meeting or finally again an article for such a desirable project as our exhibition? Little appreciated, but very much needed are repeated visits to local politicians and companies to gain their interest concerning donations and other in-kind support. So far we haven't talked about almost too big challenges such as a tax return or even worse to find out what does it mean to add an "accounting certificate" to a project proposal. In such moments the internet and huge encyclopaedias are highly appreciated.

It is great to have real highlights - Workcamps and study tours - they charge the batteries and encourage. They are the people who are accompanying us, whom we meet, who are helping and transmitting. Thank you to all of you and all, who are doing it for us again and again.

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