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Workcamp - a kind of family life

From the Dora memorial - into the region and world

Workcamp Ellrich: Gruppenphoto der Teilnehmer

The term "workcamp" has been given to a new form of meeting and exchange in recent years. Local characteristics and conditions, organisations and associations formed the development and face of historical places in a different way. Youth for Dora has enjoyed some of its best experiences with this form of meeting, and now workcamps have become a yearly event when potential projects are discussed and planned. Thanks to the participants who have decided to continue working with our organisation.

Usually we have seen ourselves much more as part of the group than as responsible managers, even were this de facto and sometime we had to face it in critical situations. The personal feeling for this position and the outside perception are of course different visions. Only sometime we analyse the personal benefit of the one or other happing for our individual development. The further development of single aspects, issues or contacts is rather in the foreground than ourselves, but that means again a kind of results of reflection, which happens more in the sub conscience and we are less aware of it. With the growing distance of time we are realising the importance of some experiences for our development.

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